What is YOUSHO?

YOUSHO is the innovative platform, available as an app on Android, iOS and on the web (, which aims to recreate the benefits of the local economy on a global scale - severely tested by electronic commerce - having as its focus the customer and his economic enhancement.
To move in this direction, YOUSHO offers a new vision of the loyal customer and identifies a well-defined position within the value chain of each individual company with which the customer comes into contact. By using YOUSHO, users are no longer just recipients, but also actors of brand marketing and for this reason they are rightly remunerated.
To realize this customer-company bond, YOUSHO simplifies modern digital tools that are based on the concept of "word of mouth" (Referral Marketing) and makes this available to its users, creating a new marketing platform that we define RAIN MARKETING PLATFORM, which offers numerous possibilities for choice and growth. In summary: YOUSHO connects digital opportunities that can bring an economic benefit to the user.

How can I sign up for YOUSHO?

You can sign up for Yousho by downloading the app or browsing the website and register for free. In order to access the platform you will need a Friend Code, search for it on social networks with the hashtags #yousherpro and #sbloccalapp

Where can I find the friend code?

To find the unlock code, search your social channels for the following hashtags: #yousherpro and #sbloccalapp.
Thanks to the algorithm, you will be shown the people (YOUSHER PRO) closest to you who are in possession of the code and who will be happy to provide it.

Where can I find information on the project?

How can I contact YOUSHO assistance?

For information and requests for assistance, register for free on the website
Access your personal area through the web and click on the Info & Requests icon, then fill out the form according to your needs and we will reply as soon as possible!

What are the official YOUSHO social channels?

What is the first Fidelity Program Without Borders in the world?

This is the innovative Loyalty Plan that allows you to accumulate points for any purchase made through YOUSHO.
These points can then be converted into Shopping Coupons when the threshold is reached.
Consult the complete Rules on: Regolamento Fidelity Yousher (after accessing your personal YOUSHO user area) to find out the terms and platforms participating in the initiative.

How does the shopping search engine work?

To make your purchases on YOUSHO you can use our search engine, you can read the guide you find here:
Guida introduttiva all'utilizzo della piattaforma web

How many online stores are there on YOUSHO?

The number of online stores on YOUSHO is always growing! There are currently over 230 platforms and you can find them on the site
oppure sull´app.

How can I stay updated on YOUSHO news?

Attiva le notifiche sul tuo smartphone per l’app Yousho, visita ogni giorno la sezione NEWS all’interno della tua area utente Yousho e segui costantemente i nostri canali ufficiali:

Youtube: Channel Yousho

Facebook: yousho.officialpage

Instagram: yousho.officialpage

What is YOUSHO Diamonds?

It is Yousho's gaming app. Test your gaming spirit and conquer Yousho worlds by matching similar gems. Playing with Yousho Diamonds is also convenient, as it allows you to accumulate points to participate in Yousho rewards initiatives.
Download the app now on:

Play Store

App Store

and start climbing the available levels!
Do you want help? Don't worry, gems and the Yousho Force are available to help you make your climb easier.
Discover them throughout the game and make your experience even more immersive!

How can I see the summary of my loyalty points?

You can find your Fidelity Points inside the Piggy Bank on the main page of your YOUSHO user area

Does the YOUSHER BASIC have a friend code?

Yes, BASIC users have a Friend Code that they can share with their friends to download the YOUSHO app. This action will earn you points on your YOUSHO piggy bank!

How do I share the app and the productS?

Within your user area you can share the app through your Friend Code thanks to the appropriate option.

What are Fidelity Points?

The FP are points that allow you to participate in the Yousho Fidelity Program Without Borders. Within your user area you can share the app through your Friend Code thanks to the specific option or and accumulate through retail clicks or interaction with the YOUSHO platform. Find out which actions earn you points on: Regolamento Fidelity Yousher

What are retail clicks?

Retail clicks represent a system for tracking purchases made on affiliated platforms as a result of a search click on the Yousho platform. The click retail system is therefore the tool through which PFs are assigned. Points are awarded only if the object of purchase is a product that is clicked from the YOUSHO platform. You can consult the complete rules at: Regolamento assegnazione FP per Yousher

How can I convert my FP into Purchase Vouchers?

PFs are points that allow you to participate in the Fidelity Program Without Borders. Within your user area you can share the app through your Friend Code thanks to the appropriate option and are accumulated through retail clicks or interaction with the platform YOUSHO. Find out which actions earn you points on: Fidelity Yousher Rules

Once you have reached the threshold required to obtain the reward, you can use your Purchase Voucher in stores classified as Quick Purchase (identified with the shopping cart icon at the top right) for purchases of at least € 50. You don't even have to worry about having this Coupon: you will see your total expense automatically reduced!

For information on Coupons open the Support chat.

If you like saving automatisms, then you might be interested in the earning ones you access by recommending our app;)
To unlock this opportunity, ask for more info to whoever presented the app to you or contact us on social networks.

* Excluding eBay and Booking

How can I cancel my account?

We are sorry that you no longer want to enjoy the benefits of Yousho! If you have really decided to give up the many benefits that Yousho offers you, you can cancel your account by writing an email to

I purchased a product but have not received my Fidelity Points. What can I do?

The retail click system is used to assign points, i.e. purchases made through YOUSHO are tracked and are completed within a certain time frame that elapses from the moment of clicking on the article on the YOUSHO platform and the purchase on the affiliated platform. . The Fidelity Points are assigned only if the object of purchase is a product that is clicked by YOUSHO; they are not awarded for those products for which the click made by the YOUSHO platform is not shown (for example, if I click on Bottega Verde "face cream", but on the Bottega Verde website, in addition to the face cream, I also purchase a soap for soap no points will be awarded). Consult the complete regulation on: Regolamento Fidelity Yousher è Regolamento assegnazione FP per Yousher (after accessing your personal YOUSHO user area)

How can I become YOUSHER PRO?

To become Yousher Pro, simply purchase one of the available Packs and start your career as a promoter right away! Ask your sponsor for information or, if you are not yet registered, register for free on the website

What is the VSTORE (Virtual Store)

It is the virtual Store of the Yousher Pro, which the Yousher Pro can customize by inserting any product present on Yousho up to a maximum of 100 for each VStore. From their own virtual store, the Pro user has the ability to share both the VStore and the individual products contained therein with their contacts. It is a very important tool that helps in the management and growth of your business from Yousher Pro. Your virtual store identifies you in the Yousho world and will be visible to your customers as the first "shop" available on Yousho!

How can I buy on Yousho?

Buying on Yousho is simple, type the type of product you want in the search bar, set the filters to prioritize your search and select the product you want for purchase. You can check out our quick guide here: Guida introduttiva all'utilizzo della piattaforma web

What are the payment methods on Yousho?

For merchants located in the FAST PURCHASE section you can pay directly on Yousho using the balance in your Wallet or your payment card with Visa, VPay, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB or PayPal. For the many other merchants available on Yousho, each has their own payment methods indicated on their site. Once you have chosen the products to buy, in fact, you will be redirected to the individual merchant's website to complete the purchase, where you can view the payment methods accepted by the online store.

What are the shipping times and costs?

Each merchant has its own rules and timing for shipping.
You can know this information directly on the website of the individual merchant or, for those located in the FAST PURCHASE section, you can read the Terms and Conditions located both on the individual merchant's card and during the purchase phase on Yousho.

Where can I find the offers?

With YOUSHO, offers are close at hand! Your app is a treasure chest, you can use the money saved thanks to YOUSHO to buy other products or enjoy life, so always keep an eye on promotions. You will find on the app home the Unmissable Promos, the products selected for you based on your search preferences, the trending products and above all the ability to monitor price decreases with the Alert! Activate it and you will receive notification on your smartphone when the price of the products you want drops.

What benefits do I get by purchasing on Yousho?

By purchasing on YOUSHO you are helping to recreate a sustainable global economy at a local level, where the user is at the center of the value chain. In this way, the earnings generated by online sales are redistributed to all users who become promoters of the YOUSHO project.
Furthermore, by purchasing through YOUSHO, you will get Loyalty Points that will allow you to receive Gift Vouchers to be used online. But that's not all: by using the app on a daily basis, you will receive additional points that will entitle you to participate in Yousho prize initiatives and other surprises.

How do I share my friend code?

nside the home of your user area, next to the indication of your Friend Code you will find the appropriate icon to share your Friend Code on social networks.

How can I change my password?

On your Yousho dashboard accessible from the web, you will find the appropriate CHANGE PASSWORD icon.

How can I change my account details?

On your Yousho dashboard accessible from the web and from the app you will find the appropriate PERSONAL DATA icon.

I have a shop that I would like to include among the Yousho merchants, what can I do?

The affiliate staff is at your disposal and we are always looking for the best merchants for our users! You can send an email of interest to the address and you will be shown the evaluation elements to be admitted among the merchants present on Yousho.