1-What is YOUSHO?

2-How can I sign up for YOUSHO?

3-Where can I find the friend code?

4-Where can I find a video or webinar describing the project?

5-How can I contact YOUSHO assistance?

6-What are the official YOUSHO social channels?

7-What is the first Fidelity Program Without Borders in the world?

8-How does the shopping search engine work?

9-How many online stores are there on YOUSHO?

10-How can I stay updated on YOUSHO news?

11-What is YOUSHO Diamonds?

12-How can I see the summary of my loyalty points?


1-Does the YOUSHER BASIC have a friend code?

2-How do I share the app and the productS?

3-What are Fidelity Points?

4-What are retail clicks?

5-How do I get Gift Certificates?

6-How can I cancel my account?

7-I purchased a product but have not received my Fidelity Points. What can I do?


1-How can I become YOUSHER PRO?

2-What is the first step after becoming Yousher Pro?

3-What is the VSTORE (Virtual Store)

4-¿Cuáles son mis comisiones?

5-I'm a Yousher Pro. What are Fidelity Points for?

6-What are YOUSHO's payment methods for the payment of commissions?

7-What are the payment times for YOUSHO commissions by bank transfer?

8-How do I get Fidelity Point?

9-How do I contact the YOUSHER in my network that I don't know?

10-How can I share Yousho with my friend code?

11-What are the accrual times of commissions?

12-Why is there a negative sign (-) next to a previously recognized commission?

13-Where can I find the report of my U.C accrued?

14-How do I present the Yousho opportunity?

15-How can I cancel my account?

16-Is it possible to receive the compensation in vouchers?

17-A member of my team bought a product but I haven't received the related commissions. Why?

18-How do I create my VStore?

19-How do I know when a new user signs up with my friend code?

20-Is it necessary to remove cookies when sending the affiliate link to a user?

21-How can I use the shopping vouchers obtained with the purchase of the PROMO PACK package?

22-How can I withdraw or transfer my commissions to a friend?


1-How can I buy on Yousho?

2-What are the payment methods on Yousho?

3-What are the shipping times and costs?

4-Where can I find the offers?

5-What benefits do I get by purchasing on Yousho?


1-How do I share my friend code?

2-How can I change my password?

3-How can I change my account details?


1-I have a shop that I would like to include among the Yousho merchants, what can I do?

2-I have a friend who has an online store to which I want to propose to enter the Yousho world as a merchant, how can I do to get a reward for his registration thanks to my advice?